About Us

Khadija and Kumail brand is situated in Mandi Bahauddin for the 1st time. At Khadija and Kumail, we create our inspirations from the assorted global sphere and draw under a roof to share the fact that elegance is worldwide. We try our level best to challenge the limitations all the possibilities either its weaving, printing, embellishments and embroidery. Our cloth is a highly demanding because we made it like an artist treats his canvas, with love and dedication. And deserves to make the best for our customers ever. We understand that style and fashion is a priority part in the lives of people to maintain the standard high, so we always strive the elegance design to persist it to your door step as the easiest way.

Khadija and Kumail’s Moto

It is Khadija and Kumail’s moto to keep the quality and service good.

What we are offering…..???

AT Khadija and Kumail brand, you will have a variety of fashion ques as unstitched fabric, summer prints, winter designs, Prets for formal shoes, parties and wedding functions to make your personality decent and elegant, semi formal as well as formal, perfumes for good pleasure, men variety as shawls, Prets and unstitched, stallers for the girls in digital prints as well as with decent embroidery, 3 piece suits not only for youngers even for mothers  and so many related items in a very affordable price to make you ease for buying.


We apply sales on different events for the customer’s ease so they easily get their choice in very affordable and reasonable price. Khadija and Kumail display sale according to the season.

We know our customer’s demand.

Return Policy

In any case, if you need to return the item, you may exchange in this case.  We have many items, so you may exchange in other item.

Online accounts

We have a Facebook account where we are uploaded many items. You can follow the page to keep updating with our every new arrival and update.

To get the Facebook link click on our CONTACT US page.


AT Khadija and Kumail brand, we not only provide the fashion at a great value even keep our customers demand on priority, as they love to buy we made the demanding item.

Khadija and Kumail is a brand of trust, style, love.

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